Welcome back to learning

Let’s get back to baseline—and beyond! 

We couldn’t be happier to welcome families back to our centers! It’s been a long break for many of us, and we’re eager to see the children and get back into learning routines.  

NEW for Families: Learning Journey Profiles When you join us, you’ll have an opportunity to share information with us so we can tailor learning to your child. It’s simple: 

  1. Complete a simple developmental profile form when you join or return.  
  2. Share what knowledge, skills, and interests your child is currently demonstrating. 
  3. Teachers will use the information to create individualized learning plans that meet the unique needs and interests of your child.  

So much has happened over the last few months—we all have a little rebuilding to do! Our teachers and staff are here to support your family as children get back into the groove of learning and socializing. Our approach to welcoming children into our centers is built upon our existing curricular program and enhanced with new layers of support.  
Here’s how we’ll do it:

Make sure they’re ready

Nurture their social and emotional skills

Reconnect to their community

Our goal now (and forever) is to prioritize safety first, inspire a love of learning, and build confidence for life!